A word from our Executive Director

Hello GYS family and friends,

We take the health and safety of the public, Glencoe Youth Services attendees and our staff as our highest priority. As we remain closed in coordination with New Trier Township I offer  some words of encouragement.

Just breathe. We’re all going through this together. We’re all connected right now. Currently, isolation and limited physical public contact is encouraged, but I advise you all to stay connected. This is going to be an adjustment for us all. Now is not the time to disconnect from the world.

It’s going to take a community effort to get through this so I encourage everyone that reads these words to reach out to friends and family. We have to take full advantage of technology during this time. In some form of fashion we have to present a level of normalcy.  Share your feelings, movies you're watching, activities you’re doing with the kids, anything that can connect us. Share it! I’m knee deep in Season 1 of Skylander Academy with my son. My wife and I cooked chicken Parmesan together last night. In tough times we must remember what’s important. Family and friends. Let’s share. Let’s stay engaged with each other so when the storm is over reality doesn’t feel like a movie. We have to communicate through it all and Encourage and uplift each other.

Your friend from Glencoe Youth Services,

William Barnard

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