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11 Best Indonesia Museums to Check Out

For tourists, a gallery is a wonderful area to acknowledge the city they are going to momentarily. In the gallery you can find different points that sum up the history as well as society of the location. Indonesia also has some museums that are fairly full and fascinating to check out.

Practically every city in Indonesia has its very own museum. In fact, some of the museums are efficiently chosen as the most favorite gallery according to TripAdvisor selection. has summarized below the 10 best Indonesian galleries to visit.

1. National Museum

The National Museum or the Elephant Gallery is one of the most effective galleries in Indonesia, situated on Jalan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta. This gallery is the first gallery in Indonesia and also the Largest Museum in Southeast Asia.

The museum which was founded in 1778 keeps many old things from around Indonesia such as old sculptures, engravings, old objects, handicraft things which classified into ethnography, bronze, ceramics, textiles, numismatics, historical relics and various other valuable items.

Usually every weekend break from early morning to afternoon there are always activities in this gallery such as learning traditional dance, batik or fairytale performances in collaboration with the well-known Teater Koma (Koma Cinema).

2. Danar Hadi Batik Gallery

The Danar Hadi Batik Museum which is likewise called the House of Danar Hadi is a batik-themed heritage tourism complex situated in Solo, Central Java Province. The gallery was founded by a batik firm from Solo, PT. Batik Danar Hadi in 2008 specializing in batik as well as its cultural facets as its major vacationer destination.

Besides Danar Hadi Batik Museum, there is additionally the Danar Hadi Ancient Batik Museum in the complicated area. The museum keeps at least 10,000 pieces of batik garments and is identified by MURI (Indonesian Document Museum) as the gallery with the largest collection of batik in Indonesia.

3. Indonesian Museum Bank Indonesia

The Indonesian Museum Bank Indonesia is additionally among the very best museums in Indonesia that you must visit. It is located in West Jakarta and part of social heritage legacy from De Javasche with neo-classical category.

In this museum, you can get to know info regarding the role of Financial institution Indonesia in the background of the nation that started prior to the arrival of the western nation in Indonesia till the formation of Bank Indonesia in 1953.

4. Residence of Sampoerna Museum

House of Sampoerna Museum is just one of popular galleries in Indonesia that stands elegantly in the city of Surabaya. Found in Taman Sampoerna 6, Surabaya City, East Java District, the gallery was founded by the Liem Seeng Tee family, the owner of H.M Sampoerna Business. This gallery is one of the best galleries in Indonesia for tourists.

As the name suggests, your home of Sampoerna Gallery offers a selection of information along with the background of the clove cigarette branded H.M Sampoerna and also the proprietor ancestral tree.

5. Neka Art Museum

The Neka Art Gallery is additionally one of Indonesia finest gallery, located in Ubud, Bali. The museum which was founded in 1982 has Balinese architecture with worldwide museum criteria. Aside from having creative building form, the method of showing the paint inside the gallery is well organized so it is extremely easy for site visitors to understand as well as take pleasure in painting art. At Neka Art Gallery there are at the very least 300 paints are displayed by Indonesian as well as foreign painters.

6. Ullen Sentalu Gallery

Ullen Sentalu Museum is located in the Pakem location, Kaliurang, Sleman Rule, Yogyakarta District. The museum presents a lot of art and society stuff and life of the Mataram Dynasty nobles along with a collection of different sorts of Indonesia batik.

In this museum you can find out just how the Javanese forefathers made batik which has particular definition in each style. Additionally, the state of the gallery which was built so well based upon Javanese architecture style will make you seem like you are taken in right into the incredible old Javanese period.

7. Agung Rai Art Museum

Agung Rai Gallery is one of the arts galleries in Bali that you need to see while on holiday in Bali. This place holds a big collection of paints from widely known residents and also foreigners painters.

Apart from being a museum, Agung Rai Gallery of Art is additionally a center for visualization and doing arts and also provides visitors the chance to take pleasure in irreversible as well as temporary exhibitions by numerous musicians, theater shows, dancings, songs, paint classes, bookstores, libraries, social workshops, seminar and also training programs also.

8. Pasifika Museum

Pasifika Museum is an Art Gallery located in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. In this gallery you can take pleasure in the Asian as well as Pacific cultures in addition to different social artefacts. The gallery which was founded in 2006 by Moetaryanto P as well as Philippe Augier offers numerous artistic products in which there are greater than 600 arts work of art from more than 200 artists from around 25 countries.

9. Geologi Museum

The Geological Museum, which was established on May 16, 1928, is also one of the ideal Indonesian galleries that you must visit while on vacation in Tempat Wisata Medan. In this Geological Museum, many fossils, rocks and minerals have been collected since 1850.

As a historic gallery, the Geological Museum is under the defense of the federal government and also is a historical heritage that deserves your visit.

10. Tidal Wave Aceh Gallery

The Aceh Tsunami Gallery is another ideal Indonesia gallery which was developed as a symbolic monument to the 2014 Indian Ocean earthquake as well as tidal wave catastrophe as well as an education and learning center and emergency situation shelter if a tidal wave occurs again in the city of Aceh.

This museum was created by a designer from Bandung. This gallery is a four-story framework with an area of 2,500 square meters which the curved walls are covered with geometric reliefs. The wall surfaces of the gallery are also embellished with photos of individuals dancing Saman, a symbolic meaning to the toughness, self-control and faith of the Acehnese people.

In this museum you can watch exhibitions including the electronic simulations of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake as well as tidal wave as well as photos of targets as well as stories informed by survivors.

11. Angkut Gallery

Angkut Gallery is one of contemporary tourist attractions in Malang with an area of around 3.8 hectares on the inclines of Mount Panderman, Batu Area, Malang, Central Java. This gallery is very one-of-a-kind due to the fact that it has a full collection of transport facilities from all around the world.

The collections of this museum are some unusual cars and also motorcycles in addition to lots of decades-old lorries. This gallery become one of the very first museum attractions in Indonesia and even in Asia which has a collection of greater than 300 devices of antique, old as well as modern cars, both those with equipments and also without.

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