Our Mission


Glencoe Youth Services (GYS) provides recreational, educational. social service, and leadership opportunities, in a safe and supportive environment to high school and middle school age youth living in New Trier Township. 

Our Vision

The lives of young people can be changed forever if given the chance to reach their full potential. Located right next to Central Junior High in Glencoe—and open after school, during school breaks and during the summer—our program is designed to be a place for kids, ages 10 to 18, to find themselves. The sense of belonging and hope provided in the environment created through Glencoe Youth Services helps strengthen families, reduce risky behavior and open up a world of opportunity for young people.


Taking part in the activities in this program is free and voluntary. This is a safe place to learn, play and connect with community, friends and family. Our location provides convenient access for youth within the New Tier Township and surrounding neighborhoods. We work with more than 500 youth annually, introducing them to enriching activities that help them develop their individual strengths.

Our Staff

Executive Director, Glencoe youth services


After graduating with a fashion and marketing degree from the Academy of Design in Chicago, Will worked at Adidas as a field agent and social purpose manager. There, Will coordinated activities that combined social-emotional learning and sports, eventually using his own time and money to build workshops. For this, he earned the company’s first-ever Social Purpose Award which was presented to him in a ceremony in Portland. Still, Will wanted to do something that could directly affect kids, and so left Adidas with the goal of more hands-on, community-based work. That's when he decided to join Glencoe Youth Services. Will dreams of the GYS being a place where students feel like they can be themselves

Tracie Lissner
Intern, Glencoe Youth Services